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Kenzie Bradley Headshot 2022.JPG
Kenzie Lynn Bradley (she/her)

Kenzie Bradley is a 24-year-old director, scholar and scenic artist based out of Berkeley, CA. She was Berkeley Repertory Theatre's 2022-2023 season Scenic Art Fellow, and graduated from Villanova University with an MA in Theatre. She holds a BA in Theatre from Georgia College & State University. 


Kenzie is currently in the Sacramento, California working for Broadway Sacramento's Broadway at Music Circus summer season until August 2023.


Kenzie is an artist driven by a passion for social change. Growing up in Chicago, IL, Kenzie is inspired by the idea that theatre can make powerful commentary on the issues society faces. She believes that theatre and performance art should inspire the audience to go forth and create change, and seeks to carry out this belief in all of her art.

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