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And Other Scholarly Works

Villanova Theatre's Education Dramaturg 2021-2022 Season

Position as education dramaturg involved creating education guides for professors at the high school and undergraduate level to utilize to create lesson plans and discussions in their classrooms. Education dramaturg assists the production dramaturg in outreach in local colleges and high schools and prepare them to see the plays in the season. Education dramaturg would attend production rehearsals and create educational videos in classrooms to make the show more accessible to students.

Education Guide for Villanova Theatre's WHITE, by James Ijames.

Education Guide for Villanova Theatre's THE REVOLUTIONISTS, by Lauren Gunderson.

Lesson plan and guided activity for an undergraduate course for Villanova Theatre's WHITE, by James Ijames.

Educational video about the band-aid art used in WHITE at Villanova Theatre, with interviews from James Ijames and Sharri Jerue.

Dramaturgical Website File: The Country Wife

Website created in a graduate-level dramaturgy course surrounding a hypothetical production of the restoration comedy The Country Wife by William Wycherley.

Selected pages from the dramaturgy website.

Lady Fidget SongArtist Name
00:00 / 02:23

Potential song for the only song with lyrics in the production, composed by Mark James in collaboration with the dramaturg.

Draft of potential program note from the dramaturg, graphic designs by Julia Whitten.

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