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Projects + Murals

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Reproduction of Hokusai's print, The Great Wave off Kanagawa.
Painted on 7x5' muslin, reproduced using gridding and pouncing.
Four faux stained glass panels for Broadway At Music Circus' The Music Man

Designer: Ian Wallace

Painted on plexiglass using crystal gel and dharma dyes.
Distressed Pittsburgh Steelers poster, done by hand via gridding.

Painted on a 3x4 feet piece of masonite.

Completed floor with a team of five people over the course of 18 hours for Broadway At Music Circus’ Beautiful: The Carole King Musical.


Designer: Ian Wallace

Scenic Charge: Stirling Brenna

Ghost B-B-Q sign for Berkeley Repertory Theatre and The Huntington Theatre's co-production of Clyde's by Lynn Nottage.

Scenic Charge: Lisa Lázár
Designer: Wilson Chin
In collaboration with: Katie Holmes
Plexiglass faux stained glass window.
Painted on 1.5x3' plexiglass, using crystal gel, Golden Fluid acrylics, and Nova Color texture paste.
Tile pool for Berkeley Repertory Theatre and The Goodman Theatre's production of the ripple, the wave that carried me home by Christina Anderson.

Scenic Charge: Lisa Lázár
Designer: Todd Rosenthal
Rambo Sign for Berkeley Repertory Theatre's Co-Production of Cambodian Rock Band by Lauren Yee.

Scenic Charge: Lisa Lázár
Designer: Takeshi Kata
Distressed meat pies sign for Utah Shakespeare Festival's production of Sweeney Todd. 

Painted on a 1.5x3 feet piece of masonite.

Designer: Linda Buchanan

Scenic Charge: 
Parquet floor panels for a student thesis project.

Painted on six 4x8 panels of masonite. 

Designer: Janos Boon
Untitled mural created in Villanova University Scene Shop.

Painted on three 4x8 foot panels of masonite using acrylic paint, laid out via grid.

Scenic Charge: Sharri Jerue
Reproduction of painting of the goddess Hera for Villanova University's production of The Bakkhai Variations: Beginning by Jessica Bedford and directed by James Ijames.​. 

Painted on a 14x18 inch canvas using acrylic paint and attached to a wood frame. Laid out via grid.
Villanova University Theatre Scene Shop Mural, "Scenic, Done It."

Painted on a 45x25 foot canvas using acrylic paint, laid out via grid.

Scenic Charge: Sharri Jerue
"No More Gasping For A Breath" Art Piece

hexagonal canvases attached by chains and screws. Contains acrylics, embroidery, beading, picture frames.

Final Project Master's Course: Staging Gender and Sexuality.
Painting for a professor's wall.

Painted on a plaster wall with acrylic paint and sharpie.

Multimedia art created for James Ijames's production of White at Villanova University.

Several pieces of art made on various canvases out of acrylic paint, band-aids and wrappers, muslin, wood glue, resume paper, and beads.
Highlights and shadows study based off historic wood panel

Made on a 30x25 inch piece of craft paper with pencil, charcoal, and chalk.
Trompe L'oeil of Roman column.

Made on a 6x6 foot canvas using acrylic paint.
False purple suede sample for Villanova Theatre's The Revolutionists.

Made on a 6x6 piece of lauan using acrylic paint.
Brick wall sample.

Made on a 4x2 piece of masonite using acrylic paint.
Cinderblock sample.

Made on a 3x2 piece of plywood with acrylic paint, joint compound, and sawdust.
Cement sample.

Made on a 3x3 piece of plywood with acrylic paint, sawdust, joint compound, and metal hardware.
Hardwood floor sample.

Made on a 2x1.5 foot piece of masonite with acrylic paint.

Sponge-treated walls for a student thesis project. 

Painted five 4x8 flats made of luan.

Designer: Janos Boon

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